Sacred Landings

What are Sacred Landings?

Sacred Landings are Intentional-Ceremonial Crystal Grids created to provide a landing place for the Sacred to be held and magnified into physical form. By utilizing Crystal Energy, we can offer the Sacred a place to land in our physical world. 

Throughout history, ancients have used physical means as stepping stones to Heaven since the beginning of time utilizing sacred temples, pyramids and altars as tangible channels to access the Divine realm.

Crystals embody and emit various frequencies and embody energies  which can act as vehicles of intention, or channels, energetically carrying our requests/prayers for healing (or otherwise) from our physical experience/perspective into the higher spiritual realms of existence. And since all things in form materialize from Spirit, (matter is energy at its densest form), we can use crystal-energy as a channel to link our physical selves to our Highest (Soul) Selves, to access our greatest held vision for ourselves, whether it be in health, wellness or experience. 

Crystals, in a sense, allow your prayers to be more readily received and activated. They encompass the Sacred in physical form. 

A consciously placed intention or desire can initiate a calling upon the creative energy of the Universe to support us in co-creating and manifesting our reality to our liking, just as a prayer is a calling upon the name of the Creator for assistance, infusing the energy of the Higher Realms into the human desire or intention to help it manifest. This is the Power of Prayer. The power of prayer can be magnified or amplified on our planet in many ways, in large numbers, or quantities of focus, or while in church or temple, or by way of Priest or Guru, similarly, crystals also provide a vehicle to the Divine.

Crystal grids can open a pathway to higher energetic frequencies so that we are more likely able to attract and manifest that which we desire in our lives. Essentially, crystal energy is used to aid your desire in reaching the frequency of God. 

Crystals hold or emanate energies based on their own energetic signature, or frequency, and can aid in opening doorways and/or removing obstacles so that there is a clear link for us to align ourselves with our most optimal health, well-being and abundant states.

Some crystals, like Selenite and Muscovite are even more ethereal in composition than they are solid, so they easily fall apart or dissolve in water. These crystals embody a high frequency, one that is balancing between the physical and the non-physical, which can be further evidence of their Divine capabilities. Selenite is referred to as "liquid Light"!!

Our Loving Planet is home to many brilliant forms of natural medicine. We use oxygen, raw foods, medicinal herbs and healing waters to bring about desired physical and emotional changes to our well-being. Crystal Energy is just another potent form of Earth Medicine accessible to us. 

Crystals can assists us in aligning with our most optimal state of peace, wellness, abundance, prosperity, LOVE and JOY!

May Crystal Energy Infuse Your Pathway To BLISS!