Sacred Landings Personalized Crystal Kit/Grid Passions Page

Inspirations for Crystal Kits/Grids

Sacred Landings Crystal Medicine Kit

- Sacred Ceremony Kit

-Spiritual Enlightenment/Transformation

-Upliftment and Balance


- Inner - Child Healing

-Harmony in Home or Workplace

- Relationship Healing/Harmony

- Physical condition/ailment healing

- General Health and Wellness

-Mental Clarity and Focus

- Grounded and Balanced

- Empowerment and Self Worth

Inspirations for Crystal Kits/Grids

Sacred Landings Crystal Companion Kit 

- Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness

- Confidence and Abundance

-Inspired and Motivated

- Success/Abundance/Prosperity

-Mother Earth Connection


- Gift of a Goddess

- Expression and Creativity

-Attract and Cultivate LOVE

- Ideas and Inspiration

-Grounded and Balanced

- Dreams and Astral Travel

- Clear and Conscious Communication

Inspirations for Crystal Kits/Grids

Sacred Landings Crystal Blessings Kit

- Birthday Blessings

- House Warming Blessings

- Wedding Blessings (bride/groom or wedding party)

- New Baby/Happy Baby

- Congratulations Blessings

- Mothers Day/Fathers Day Blessings

-New Year Blessings

- Christmas Cheer Blessings

-Valentine's Blessings (Love)

- Special Friendship/Person

-Soul Sister Appreciation

Specialized Crystal Kits

Sacred Landings Monthly Kit Special

Each month Sacred Landings offers a new and unique specialty kit! Join in our monthly membership today! 

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Sacred Landings Signature Crystal Kit

Sacred Ceremony Crystal Kit

My special this month is the "Sacred Ceremony" Crystal Kit. This intuitively designed kit can help you to:

~Cultivate An Intimate Relationship with Higher Self & Spirit

~Welcome Ceremony & Ritual Into Your Life

~Build An Intuitive Connection/Sense  

~Promote Regular Meditative Practice

~Intentionally Create Desired Aspects of Your Life

~Explore Healing Modalities and Creative Expression

~Manifest Your Dreams Into Form Through Utilizing Crystal Energy Sacred Creation Ceremony 

~Manifest Miracles, Healing & Blessings for Your Personal and Professional Life

If you seek:

*Wholehearted Higher (Self) Connection & Wholesome Grounded Presence*, this is your calling!

The ability to stay in touch with your Highest Self while remaining grounded in your physical body/experience is the key to ultimate health and overall well-being!

The Sacred Ceremony Crystal Kit includes:

-Selenite Heart/Egg/Sphere

-Spirals Of Light handcrafted ”Spirituality/Intuition” or “Divine Unity” Gemstone-Essential-Oil Filled Chakra Spray 

- Smokey Quartz Point

-3-4 Amethyst

- ½ oz loose organic Sage

-Gemstone Descriptions and Sacred Creation Ceremonial guide on Pearl Cardstock- (not pictured)

-Convenience of Customized Kit Service and Door-Step Arrival without leaving home = PRICELESS!! 

This Sacred Ceremony kit embodies INFINITE VALUE in growth and healing potentials for ONLY $55.55!* (plus min shipping)

Its a heartfelt and worthwhile gift that keeps on giving!

To Consider


It is very important to focus on ONE theme, desire, or transformation at a time.
Rushing through the process by attempting to change everything at once only clutters the outcome/response.
Keep In Mind
Crystal grids cannot force or impose anything on anyone who has not welcomed or invited the process.
However, crystal grid energy can work to harmonize situations by using your free-will and request/prayer to initiate the alchemy required to bring any situation to a higher state.
Your intentional energy alone is transformative and the energy of crystal grids will just amplify and/or quicken the process of manifestation.