Sacred Landings Grid Design

The Crystal Design Creative Process

The process of creating Crystal Grids is unique to the designer and I have taken years to perfect my unique "Sacred Landings" ceremonial and crystal grid design process.

This process is held privately and kept sacred (hence "Sacred Landings") to preserve integrity and therefore I keep specific details of my process between myself and the client.

In short, I use the energy and feeling of your intentions, hopes or desires as initiatives to navigate my intuitive guidance in choosing the appropriate stones and settings/placement.

*Your intentions are whatever it is that you want to create in your life or cultivate within yourself and this becomes the blueprint for your design!*

The more SPECIFIC you are with your intentions, the easier it is for me to sense and intuit which stones/energy may be beneficial and valuable to your grid. And the more specific, the easier it is for client to gauge progress/success.

This means we take one step at a time in initiating life changes. You may take one theme (per grid) and detail it to your liking.

Your participation, intention and attention, are required for this process in the creation of your intentions, or your declarations to the Universe. Take time to focus on your grid and repeat your affirmations morning and night while your grid stands, 7 days

To learn more about client participation, please contact me for more information on the "client's commitment" to this process.

Think of a crystal grid as a garden and I will be tending to this garden daily, "watering the seeds" for optimal growth.


I wholeheartedly offer loving space and conscious focus to each grid I assist in expanding the intentional energy. The energy magnifies and grows with our love and care. 

For more information on my commitment to you, the client, and your crystal grid creation, contact me directly.