Awaken Your Desires Through Crystal Intentions

It is very important to focus on ONE theme, desire, or transformation at a time.

Rushing through the process by attempting to change everything at once only clutters the outcome/response.

Use these inspirations below as guidelines. You will want to specify and narrow your focus with your own unique intentions.

Common Crystal Grid Themes:

New Moon Intention Setting


Healing (of illness, chakra, relationship or situation)

Desired Outcome

Individual or Family Harmony and/or Wellness

Workplace/Community Harmony

Divine Feminine or Masculine

Fertility or New Baby

Chronic Illness or Pain Relief

Safe Travel

Divine Intervention


Keep In Mind

Crystal grids cannot force or impose anything on anyone who has not welcomed or invited the process.

However, crystal grid energy can work to harmonize situations by using your free-will and request/prayer to initiate the alchemy required to bring any situation to a higher state. 

Your intentional energy alone is transformative and the energy of crystal grids will just amplify and/or quicken the process of manifestation.