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Brandy Gray

There are Earth Angels and Lightworkers who act as facilitators to the crystal-healing process, those that can connect to, sense, or intuit crystal energies and can assist others in utilizing crystal-medicine toward their highest benefit.


I am one of those Lightworkers. As a crystal connoisseur, I help actualize your dreams and pursuits using crystal energy.

As a young child, I connected to and collected crystals but it wasn’t until 2013 that I was reintroduced to the magical essence of crystals after a radical spiritual transformation/awakening.

That was 5 years ago. Since then, I have been collecting and tuning into crystal energy and building my relationship to them. I have taken several classes and workshops over the years as well as worked with and been mentored by some of the most gifted crystal intuitives. One of those special people is Debra Kupchock, the owner of "Crystal Cottage" in the Florida Keys and creator of "Spirals of Light" chakra sprays which are used and sold here at Sacred Landings.

Throughout this process, I have utilized crystal grid-work energy for everything including family illness, requests for abundance, aligning with spiritual gifts, chakra-clearing, and creative expression. 

If you have a will, or desire, there IS always a way. And if you are unable to access your desire, crystals may help assist you in this process by acting as a conduit between you and your own higher, greater, or more expansive experience. 

I have also learned to incorporate other tools and modalities to assist in this crystalline alchemic process, involving medicinal herbs and plants, essential oils, sound healing and gemstone chakra sprays. 

Due to consistent validation and my acquired level of trust in this work over years of pracitce, I have been called to offer my services beyond just those close to me, to serve humanity on a higher level, to expand my service to many. 

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